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!! WARNING !! This site is not a professional one. It offers a free service hoping it may be useful for you. It does not offer any guaranty about the information it provides. It does not guarantee neither the confidentiality of information you enter on it (note that when you log in, your password is NOT sent to this site). In particular, be aware that when you save a track on this server may be seen by other users of this site. Notice that saving tracks on this server is not mandatory: you may edit tracks without saving them, or save them elsewhere.

Login feature of wtracks is only provided to help in managing your tracks. We rely on external identity provider (Google, Facebook, OpenID...) for the sole purpose of simplifying the login process: you don't need to create an account on WTracks and memorize another password. You only need to login if you want to save your tracks on this server.

The sole data we request from your logged in account are:

In order to enhance your experience accross visits to WTracks, the menu has a "Remember me" check box. Checking it will store the following data in your browser (localStorage):

This information is kept locally on your device, it is not shared with our server, and cannot be accessed by any other web application. It will allow to restore your preferences during your next visit to WTracks. Please be aware that these preferences are not tied to your potential WTracks user login: any user of your browser will share the same preferences.

For information about this policy please send a mail to Olivier Potonniée.